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Products Information:

1.Capacity: 5200mAh
2.Input5V DC 1A
3.Output: 5V DC 1A
4.Temperature: 505
5.Case Material: plastic
6.Color: blue,gold,pink,silver
7.Weight: about 140g
8.Dimension: L102x W59 x T24(mm)

Function introduction:

1.Hand Warmer and Power Bank 2 in 1 design
2.Warming function:
1) Press the button for 3 seconds to open warm function. Take the same action or double click button for turning off. 
2) Click the button to switch the 3-2-1 gear3 LED 605棻2 LED 505; 1 LED 405
3) Adopted space formula constant temperature system, smoothly giving out heat avoiding from scald. 3 hours warming time when fully charged. Prefect 50 constant temperature output, like a warm cup of coffee in your hands.
3.Power Bank function: Click the button and start working. Automatically power off as disconnection with digital device for 25 seconds or double click the button.
Automatically power off when disconnected for 25 seconds or double click the button.
4.Indicator: 1)Click the button to check the capacity, 3 LED to indicate the capacity(33%/66%/100%). 2)The LED flashing when charging, when fully the LED stop to flashing. 3)The LED will be off when completely discharged.
5.Make sure power bank and warming function off before being charged. 
6.Charge Tip: Micro USB
7.Discharge Tip: USB
8.Protection: over temperature, over charge, over discharge, over current, over voltage and short circuit  protections.
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